Norway to Spain

My son, Ben Cottam-Allan and I, Jeff Allan, already held one Guinness World Record. In 2017, We gained another – the Guinness World Record for the shortest charging time to cross Europe (Nordkapp in Norway to Tarifa in Spain) in an electric car. The previous record was 19 hours 58 minutes. Our new Guinness World Record was 13 hours 7 minutes. The route has taken us through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Spain for nearly 4000 miles. We used Tesla superchargers but at the north end we used a slower public charger. We left Nordkapp, Norway on the 18th July 2017 and 8 days later arrived at Tarifa, Spain on the 26th July

We collected over £500 for The Alzheimer’s Society attempting the Guiness World Record.




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