Green hydrogen is a good fuel for high range heavy duty transport applications such as rail as an emission free alternative to diesel. The gas storage volume is much smaller than for batteries and lighter too. Green hydrogen is produced by applying electricity from solar or wind sources to water. This process produces oxygen which can be used in hospitals and hydrogen which is then compressed and stored before being dispensed to a vehicle.

The photos below show a hydrogen dispenser and its use on refuelling a hydrogen train.

Jeff Vehicles Ltd has been supporting Porterbrook, Vanguard Sustainable Transport Solutions and University of Birmingham on electronic, electrical and safety design of hydrogen fuel cell and battery equipment. This has been applied to HydroFLEX 1.0 train, the UK’s first full size hydrogen train, HydroFLEX 2.0, the UK’s first commercial ready hydrogen train which was showcased at COP26. Jeff Vehicles Ltd is now working on HydroShunter which will be the first UK hydrogen locomotive.

HydroFLEX 1.0 train

UPDATE: 6/3/2024 Building of Hydroshunter electrical equipment has begun.