e-bike record

Dr. Jeff Allan is already a double Guinness World Record breaker. He will be attempting his third Guinness World Record next year for the ‘longest journey on a motorised bicycle’. Jeff will be setting out in April 2023 from Victoria Square in Birmingham and hopes to be travelling for around 90 days to beat the current record of 8209 kilometres. His journey will take him across Europe – south to Spain and north to Norway.

In Jeff’s free book “Why Electric Cars?” he wrote “If you want to save the planet, don’t buy a car, not even an electric car – walk instead. If you need to travel further, use a bicycle.” This is the main reason for attempting to break the world record – a determination to see how far you can travel on an electric bicycle.

Jeff will be using a Riese and Muller New Charger electric bicycle fitted with two 500 watt hour batteries. This should give him a range of at least 120 miles on a single charge in eco mode. The electric motor will provide half the energy needed each day. The rest will be down to him pedalling.

Jeff comments: “Every few years, I try to complete an electric vehicle Guinness World Record challenge and at the same time raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. My mother suffered from short term memory problems in the last years of her life and although it was never diagnosed as Alzheimer’s it is an illness that affects so many people and impacts hugely on friends and family.”

You can donate to Alzheimer’s Society for this challenge at Justgiving